SINCE 1948

Founded in 1948, over the years the business – along with the passion for it – have been passed down through three generations, to children and grandchildren, who continue its traditional trade, while ensuring it is constantly in step with the times.

1948: Giuseppe Mosca began selling cheeses right after World War II, yet it was only in 1948 that he founded his business selling wholesale dairy products in the town of Gorgonzola, which – at that time – was a key hub for cheese production and ripening. Ever since then, the company has distinguished itself for its selection of high-quality products, including the cheeses of the famous Cademartori brand.
The 1950s and 1960s
During the Italian economic boom, the company grew and developed, becoming consolidated – over time – and establishing itself as a leader in distribution throughout north of Italy. It also continued to pursue quality, expanding its portfolio by obtaining a licence to distribute the famous Gorgonzola cheese of the Santi brand. It began to import speciality products from countries throughout Europe in the first half of the 1950s and, in the 1960s, it started to make cheese cakes in its own facilities.
The 1980s
The company began to expand its product range to the sphere of cured meats, selling Bresaola della Valtellina. The first IT technologies were implemented and the company began to trade in culinary products.
The 1990s
In 1990, the company headquarters were moved to a bigger building located in Melzo, another important juncture for dairy products. The company grew and developed and continued to expand its product range.
The 2000s
In 2002, it part-founded 'Il Porto della Freschezza' a company that brings together distributors who are firmly established in their areas and specialise in ‘on your doorstep’ – i.e. traditional – sales, thereby creating a single, distinctive brand that offers premium products. It was during this time that the move from our long-standing system of attempted sale to pre-sales was completed, with a view to increasing the efficiency and service quality that such a broad and extensive range requires, while maintaining the attention and speed that are necessary in the fresh food industry.
From 2010
The company’s transformation continued via the expansion of its target markets and it contributed to the development of Il Porto della Freschezza. In 2014, a frozen food segment was added, allowing us to offer a single delivery service for fresh and frozen products.